Building Process


  • Contact Wright Homes and schedule a time to visit our design center.
  • Share your ideas and expectations with the design team.
  • Select a location to build.
  • Select and fine-tune your floor plan.
  • Obtain a mortgage pre-approval.
  • Select designer materials and colors at the design center.
  • Approve you building plans.
  • Have appraisal and loan approved through Mortgage Company.
  • Obtain approvals from Health Department, Zoning, and subdivision Architectural Review Committee, if applicable.
  • Construction Begins and will complete within four to five months on the average home.
  • Select Lighting
  • Select Appliances
  • Review Lighting Plan
  • Review Landscape Plan, if applicable.
  • Pre-Closing Walk Through
  • Closing


Our goal at Wright Homes is to make building a home a simple and enjoyable process. Over the last four decades the one thing we have learned is the most challenging part of building is not always building. It’s all the things required to do in order to build. To make the process hassle free we do it all.


The following are items that Wright Homes’ clients do not have to do:

  • Pay an architect or designer to design the building plans
  • Purchase building plans
  • Acquire a construction loan
  • Pay closing cost or interest on a construction loan
  • Pay for the lot before you build (Minimum 3.5 – 5% down)
  • Find a mortgage lender
  • Pay for credit report
  • Pay for up front Appraisal
  • Make mortgage payments during construction.
  • Pay an attorney to transfer the lot from the present owner to you.
  • Find a surveyor
  • Obtain zoning approvals
  • Obtain health department approval for a new on-site system
  • Find someone to do the site preparation
  • Work with subcontractors
  • Deal with invoices for materials and labor associated with a cost plus project.

Custom Homes

Your home, your way, your needs, and your budget. Custom designed and built for you. Built on your lot or ours.

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